Sandra Bland & Texas [In]Justice

Grits for Breakfast: WELCOME TO TEXAS JUSTICE: YOU MIGHT BEAT THE RAP, BUT YOU WON’T BEAT THE RIDE.” — Learning from Sandra Bland: First thoughts (July 25, 2015):

“The protections guarding anyone from being pulled out of their car for no reason, taken downtown and booked into jail (for no demonstrated reason), and then quite possibly dying there, have eroded to the vanishing point. Sandra Bland, like most Texans, didn’t actually know that and received the harshest possible lesson when she tried to articulate what she thought were her rights…”

“The police officer should not have had grounds to arrest her in the first place; even if arrested, she should have been booked and released, not jailed, and once in jail, she should have been more closely monitored, assuming that her death was in fact, a suicide. While lots remains unknown about Bland’s death, she would probably be alive today if she had been booked and released on a personal bond with a date to return to court for her hearing.”


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