White Water ~ True Detective

Critic Wire. “Revealed: The Source of ‘True Detective’s Creepy Naked Milk-Lady” By Sam Adams | Criticwire
June 25, 2015

“Remember that bizarre shot of a naked woman floating in what looked like a bowl of milk on “True Detective’s” season 2 premiere, “The Western Book of the Dead”? It turns out that’s a real piece of art by Peter Sarkisian, entitled “White Water.” (Materials: Metal bowl, high density plaster, tinted polymer resin, video projection, audio.).

“In the comments on his Vimeo page, Sarkisian says that “White Water” is “actually very serene and gentle,” but that that the show’s use “places it in a rather carnal environment, which has caused some viewers to misinterpret it as creepy.” He also explains how it ended up on “True Detective” in the first place.

“My understanding is that Justin Lin specifically referenced the piece in the script. I agreed to loan them the work only if HBO broke protocol and agreed to give my artwork screen credit, which up until this episode was not their policy. My position was that visual artists should be credited for featured works in the same manner that musicians and writers are credited. Ultimately, HBO was sympathetic and agreed to amending their policy. I’m proud to have played a role in setting this new legal precedent, and hope that other studios follow HBO’s lead. Well done HBO! (Note: this is, technically speaking, not a legal precedent, but one of contract negotiation. Still, good on Sarkisian for insisting on credit.)”


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