This New Twenty

The New Ten ( is only the first U.S. currency redesign in the Treasury Department’s proposed “next generation of currency.”

I hope the New Twenty is next:

Tubman Twenty

“I put back the five and finally pulled out a twenty and gave it to the cashier who put it in the register while she counted my change. As I waited, I remembered that Andrew Jackson, the brave Indian fighter on the twenty-dollar bill, was called the “devil” by the Creek Nation because of his wanton slaughter of unarmed Creeks. “At the Battle of Horse Shoe Bend, Jackson and his troops surrounded eight hundred Creeks and killed almost all of them, including women and children. Afterward his soldiers made bridle reins of skins taken from the corpses;they also cut off the tip of each dead Indian’s nose for a body count.”6 Jackson was also responsible for illegally driving the Cherokees off their homelands in Georgia and force-marching them to Oklahoma, but not before five to eight thousand (mostly elders, children, and women) died on the “trail of tears.” As I collect my change, it occurs to me that I got rid of the Cherokee/Creek killer, but now have three more town destroyers and one more Dakota executioner…” Bird, Michael Yellow. “Cowboys and Indians: Toys of genocide, icons of colonialism.” Wicazo Sa Review 19, no. 2 (2004): 33-48.


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