Colonoscopies and The Real World

This country’s legal system sucks so hard and for so many reasons, among them, and not the least among them, the fact that juries are often composed of not your peers … especially if you’re a doctor.

Think your job sucks? These nurses and doctors perform colonoscopies day in and day out — They’re trying to survive through humor. Was this instance a bit mean spirited? Context is key. They’re going in … far up the plaintiff / patient’s ass.

Perhaps the patient / plaintiff earned the commentary in pre-op – We’ll never know. We do know the plaintiff / patient wasn’t above secretly recording an audio of his medical procedure. (I know he suggests it was accidental – He could be lying).

To restate the obvious, this patient is an ass. He deserves nothing. Were his feelings hurt? I’m so sorry. To the tune of $500,000 dollars? His frivolous lawsuit based on his secret recording of a medical procedure only serves to confirm the likelihood that the anesthesiologist’s flip syphilis diagnosis was spot on …

See, Anesthesiologist trashes sedated patient — and it ends up costing her, by Tom jackman, The Washington Post (June 23, 2015).

Oi Vey


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