Why is LA So Backwards On Clothing Optional?

Venice Beach council wants to allow topless sunbathing for women, LATIMES.com by Joseph Serna (April 22, 2015):

[Thing I loved most about living in Miami — It often felt as if it weren’t attached to the rest of America. One small example, many Miami beaches celebrated clothing optional choices. And no Miami / Dade County beach that I’m aware of prohibited women from going topless for at least the last 35 years. There were no negative consequences — Far from it. European tourists descended on Miami beaches then and continue to do so today in part because Miami long ago jettisoned the rest of America’s repressive beach policies, the kind that rule up and down the Southern California coast, save a short section of Black’s Beach (Torrey Pines) and maybe some lousy stretch in the shadow of the defunct San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant …]


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