Creepy California Proposal Aside …

And this is truly a creepy proposal … Still, I kind of agree with the LA TIMES here.

LA TIMES Editorial: ‘Sodomite Suppression Act’ is no reason for radical initiative reform

This kerfuffle over a creepy, long-shot proposal aside, the real abuse of the citizen-initiative process comes at the hands of monied interests, including corporations, … wealthy individuals and others with $10 million or more to forward their own agendas.”

[SLATE has an interesting alternative take — “The problem here is so foreseeable that it’s hard to believe California hasn’t fixed it before. Under state law, any citizen who properly submits an initiative (and pays the $200 fee) is entitled to gather signatures for their pet proposal. The attorney general is tasked with penning an official title and summary for the measure. She does not, however, have any discretionary authority to nix even the most absurd and sadistic of proposals. This rule, initially promulgated by the California Supreme Court, was designed to prevent partisan attorneys general from scrapping proposals for political reasons. But by refusing to give the attorney general any discretion over what measures pass the first hurdle, the court inadvertently protected crackpot proposals like McLaughlin’s.


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