Harm Reduction & The Silk Road

“Conclusion: ‘Silk Road’ as online drug marketplace presents an interesting displacement away from ‘traditional’ online and street sources of drug supply. Member support and harm reduction ethos within this virtual community maximises consumer decision-making and positive drug experiences, and minimises potential harms and consumer perceived risks. Future research is necessary to explore experiences and backgrounds of other users…”

Van Hout, Marie Claire, and Tim Bingham. “‘Silk Road’, the virtual drug marketplace: A single case study of user experiences.” International Journal of Drug Policy 24.5 (2013): 385-391.

Of course if you allegedly built the Silk Road framework that arguably reduces harm to communities of drug users, reduces violence as well, please don’t make the mistake of residing in the United States.

It would be an error to do so because the freedom loving USA will, if it catches you, triumphantly incarcerate you for the rest of your natural life (LWOP), or, at best, for a Federal mandatory minimum sentence of 30 years …

And no President likes to pardon folks involved in the drug trade — it looks very bad and pardoning human beings just takes too much courage. Think I’ll go watch American Sniper and feel good about myself now.

[The old silk road]


[The new silk road]



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