“Rectal Feeding,” Threats to Children, and More – Our Tax Dollars @ Work

The good old shining beacon on the hill … The USA: racist, misogynist, patriarchal, genocidal. We continue to inspire the world by our example, our documented history.

You say the declassified Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation of CIA torture techniques post 9/11 doesn’t make you feel good about yourself? Such a shame. Just keep telling yourself we’re number one. And don’t forget to thank your CIA interrogator for their service … And for fucksake don’t forget to stand up when they force “God Bless America” down your throat at a baseball game … And please don’t forget to thank our troops for their service … again and again and again, over and over and over, until the only thing that matters is that you don’t question anything at all … And the only service recognized in the United States is the service by people in the military — So, thank you for your service …

And don’t forget to read Mother Jones, “Rectal Feeding,” Threats to Children, and More: 16 Awful Abuses From the CIA Torture Report – A new report from the Senate intelligence committee says the CIA puréed hummus and put it in a detainee’s rectum. —By Nick Baumann, Jenna McLaughlin, Patrick Caldwell, and Mariah Blake | Tue Dec. 9, 2014

[I’m so sick of paying taxes for these entitled psychopaths in our military, justice, and national security agencies. It’s so far past time to create an infrastructure revolt and turn the armed forces to dust.
They are the Military Industrial Complex we’ve always been warned about and yes they have the Bomb. Don’t forget it.]


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