“Extracting a plea” — Drug War Tragic

It makes me sick to imagine that anyone short of Adolph Hitler could actually be threatened with a 60-year mandatory minimum. The drug war is the monster. (FAMM)

Marissa Alexander Accepts Three-Year Plea Deal to Avoid 60-Year Mandatory Minimum

Post Date: November 24, 2014

MEDIA CONTACT: Greg Newburn, gnewburn@famm.org

GAINESVILLE, FLA – Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM) is relieved to learn that Marissa Alexander has accepted a plea offer to serve three years in prison with credit for time served, plus two years of home confinement. This plea deal means Alexander will avoid the prospect of a 60-year mandatory minimum sentence for three counts of aggravated assault, a possible outcome if she’d gone to trial.

“From the beginning, Marissa Alexander’s case was a glaring example of the unintended consequences inherent to mandatory minimum laws,” said Greg Newburn, FAMM’s Florida-based State Policy Director. “While there was disagreement about Alexander’s guilt or innocence, no one outside the State Attorney’s office believed that 60 years in prison—or even the original 20 years—was an appropriate sentence for a first-time offender and a crime where no one was injured,” Newburn added.

The very fact that the State Attorney’s office offered a plea deal to Alexander suggests that not even they believed a lengthy sentence was appropriate—just useful as leverage in extracting a guilty plea.”


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