Earl Weaver RIP | Deadspin

Thanks be to Deadspin, this time for a lovely obit. on Earl Weaver, former manager of the Baltimore Orioles:

DEADSPIN – RIP EARL WEAVER  The Irascible, Cigarette-Smoking Orioles Manager Who Was Moneyball Before “Moneyball” Existed (by Isaac Rauch): ” … Weaver was known for sneaking cigarrettes in the dugout, vigorously arguing with umpires (Weaver is second on the all-time manager ejections list with 98), and employing a managerial style that preceded and predicted some of the basic ideas of the Moneyball approach by some three decades. Weaver valued power, scoffed at speed, and called the the hit-and-run “the worst play in baseball.” He wrote, in 1984’s Weaver on Strategy,

The way to win is with pitching and three-run homers…The home run makes managing simple. Nothing can go wrong. The power of the home run is so elementary that I fail to comprehend why people try to outsmart the game in other ways. . . Forget about the bunt, unless there is no other choice. There are only three outs per inning. Give one away and you are making everything harder for yourself.

Understanding risk/reward and the value of an out are now fundamental tenets of baseball’s smart-set, but there was a time when Earl Weaver was revolutionizing the game by eschewing then dominant tactics that said to scrap for one run at a time. If you like contrarian sports strategy, heavy-hitters, or both, thank Earl Weaver for finding inefficiencies in baseball before it was cool, and never wavering…”  [RESTOFSTORY]


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