California Correctional Crisis | Guns, Pediatricians, and Framing Violence Risks

California Correctional Crisis ~ Thoughts and News on Criminal Justice and Correctional Policy in California: “Is it within a pediatrician’s authority to warn parents about unlocked guns in the homes of child patients?

That question came up in Florida last year, and the recent tragic events in Newtown have brought it back to the forefront. This fascinating article, by Schaechter et al., provides a good overview of the question in the context of a Florida law that was supposed to block pediatricians from asking about gun ownership, pointing out the risks to patients’ families, and recommending that they don’t keep a gun in the home, or at least that the gun is kept locked.

Now, the legal controversy was about whether the law protected people from the pediatricians’ supposed infringement upon their Second Amendment rights. A Florida court found that it did not…” [RESTOFSTORY]


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