Pearce, M. (2014, Apr 21). THE NATION; tech helps police in shooting case; A driver’s tip and a controversial license plate database lead kansas city-area authorities to suspect. Los Angeles Times:

“For almost a month, Kansas Citians lived through what amounted to a horror movie without an ending. According to the narrative described in court documents, it would take cutting-edge and occasionally controversial law enforcement technology, including license-plate readers, to put an end to the horror show…”


Kali Borkoski, An audio discussion with the players in the Aereobroadcasting fightSCOTUSblog (Apr. 21, 2014, 7:29 PM),

Amy Howe, Aereo — Just the middleman, or a scofflaw? In Plain EnglishSCOTUSblog (Apr. 21, 2014, 6:59 PM),

“…For those of us who grew up adjusting the rabbit ears on our seventies-era televisions (and having to get up to change the channel to one of the other four or five available stations – no remote controls!), the service offered by Aereo, Inc., is nothing short of miraculous.  For just eight dollars a month, you get the ability to start watching a TV program – say, the Super Bowl – live on your iPhone while you are out of your house.  When you get home, you can pick up seamlessly where you left off on your television or desktop computer.  Or, you can record the entire program on a remote DVR assigned to you and watch the whole thing later on.

What could possibly be wrong with Aereo’s business model?  For ABC and the rest of the broadcast television industry, pretty much everything.  In their view, Aereo is blatantly violating federal copyright laws (and possibly jeopardizing the entire broadcast industry) by streaming live TV over the Internet without paying the networks for the right to do so.  Aereo counters that everything it does is completely legal:  the TV programs that it makes available are already broadcast for free over the public airwaves; Aereo is just making it easier and more efficient for its subscribers to watch those programs.  Tomorrow, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments from both sides of the dispute, with a decision expected by summer.  Here’s the lowdown on American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. v. Aereo, Inc., in Plain English…”



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