Aye, I’ve never understood how a person could justify harming a child with force … Even the “spank” or “swat” is at best rife with ineptitude and frustrated ignorance. At a more serious level, this so called corporal punishment sends so many terrifically contradictory (and totally fucked) messages instantly, it’s absurd. More serious still, it is criminal horror show shit. My opinion is that Adrian Peterson is guilty of criminal conduct.

This on that subject from The CONCOURSE. Why Do People Hit Their Kids. By Drew Magary. Dadspin, September 16, 2014

“There is an imaginary line between corporal punishment and abuse, and the story of Adrian Peterson beating the shit out of his kid with a tree branch demonstrates the insane variance with where Americans see that line…”

30 Years of Coens: The Big Lebowski – Raymond Chandler in a bowling alley. The Atlantic

“When the Coens offered their early homages to James M. Cain (Blood Simple) and Dashiell Hammett (Miller’s Crossing) they played them straight—at least by Coen standards. But when it came to the third cardinal of hardboiled fiction, Raymond Chandler, they decided to go another way. The Big Lebowski, very vaguely inspired by the Big Sleep, was the Coens’ loosest, loopiest film to date, a stoner crime comedy about bowling, Vietnam, and the critical importance of having that one interior-design element that ties the whole room together…”

Texas has executed seven people [to date] in 2014. There have been 27 executions [total] in American death penalty states this year.

Post-Furman Big Picture

There have been 1,386 post-Furman executions in American death penalty states since 1977. Texas has carried out a total of 515 executions since 1982.

Texas is responsible for over 37% of the nation’s post-Furman executions.

The StandDown Texas Project: “After Rare Lull, Texas Prepares to Resume Executions,” September 8, 2014


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