Secret Service fumbled response after gunman hit White House residence in 2011, Sept 27th, Washington Post, By Carol D. Leonnig

“The gunman parked his black Honda directly south of the White House, in the dark of a November night, in a closed lane of Constitution Avenue. He pointed his semiautomatic rifle out of the passenger window, aimed directly at the home of the president of the United States, and pulled the trigger…”

Hope for Troubled Suspects; A Pilot Program for Defendants Living with Mental Illness could Transform the L.A. County Justice System.” Los Angeles Times Sep 18 2014 – By Marisa Gerber

“Los Angeles officials announced Wednesday the launch of an alternative sentencing program aimed at diverting mentally ill, low-level offenders from jail into treatment, a project they hope will signal a dramatic shift for the county’s criminal justice system.

The $756,000 initiative marks one of the county’s most significant attempts to find a better way to treat people who have mental illness and wind up in the criminal justice system by offering them transitional housing, medical treatment and job-hunting help. Officials say the pilot program will start in Van Nuys and initially help 50 people at a time, but it is expected to spread throughout the county and could accommodate up to 1,000 people at once.

The program is designed to reduce jail overcrowding and end a revolving door for offenders with mental illness who find themselves incarcerated for relatively minor crimes.

“It is time to stop bouncing people who are mentally ill and genuinely sick between the streets and our jails,” said Dist. Atty. Jackie Lacey. “This is an unconscionable waste of human life and money…

A similar but more comprehensive plan in Miami-Dade County, which L.A. officials used as a model, saw a dramatic drop in recidivism rates.

Judge Steve Leifman, who helped start the Criminal Mental Health Project in Florida, said that when the program started in 2000 the recidivism rate for low-level misdemeanor offenders with mental illness was 72%. Now, he said, it’s down to 20%.

The Miami-Dade plan, which included training thousands of police officers on how to deal with people who have mental illness, cut the local jail population nearly in half and allowed the county to close one of its facilities.

Leifman said he thought L.A.’s decision to start with a pilot program in one region and let it spread made sense.

“We started very slow and very small,” he said. “We had to show people that this was not just about letting people off with no consequences…. You have to show them it works.” – Hit & Run Blog – “Alarm About a ‘Heroin Epidemic’ Skyrockets As Heroin Use Falls” – Jacob Sullum|Sep. 17, 2014 …

“Yesterday the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) released the results of the 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH). As I noted a couple of weeks ago, when SAMHSA gave us a preview of those data, the number of respondents who reported using heroin in the previous month fell by 14 percent last year, despite ever-rising concern about a new “heroin epidemic.” While NSDUH probably misses a substantial number of heavy users (exactly how many is unclear), the trends identified by the survey still should indicate whether heroin consumption is on the rise or on the wane (as both government officials and journalists tend to assume). Hence it is instructive to compare past-month heroin use measured by NSDUH (in thousands of users) with mentions of a “heroin epidemic” in the newspaper and wire service articles collected by Nexis…”

Aye, I’ve never understood how a person could justify harming a child with force … Even the “spank” or “swat” is at best rife with ineptitude and frustrated ignorance. At a more serious level, this so called corporal punishment sends so many terrifically contradictory (and totally fucked) messages instantly, it’s absurd. More serious still, it is criminal horror show shit. My opinion is that Adrian Peterson is guilty of criminal conduct.

This on that subject from The CONCOURSE. Why Do People Hit Their Kids. By Drew Magary. Dadspin, September 16, 2014

“There is an imaginary line between corporal punishment and abuse, and the story of Adrian Peterson beating the shit out of his kid with a tree branch demonstrates the insane variance with where Americans see that line…”

30 Years of Coens: The Big Lebowski – Raymond Chandler in a bowling alley. The Atlantic

“When the Coens offered their early homages to James M. Cain (Blood Simple) and Dashiell Hammett (Miller’s Crossing) they played them straight—at least by Coen standards. But when it came to the third cardinal of hardboiled fiction, Raymond Chandler, they decided to go another way. The Big Lebowski, very vaguely inspired by the Big Sleep, was the Coens’ loosest, loopiest film to date, a stoner crime comedy about bowling, Vietnam, and the critical importance of having that one interior-design element that ties the whole room together…”


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